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Fight Until We Die

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3 Responses to Fight Until We Die

  1. Kim says:
    About “Fight Until We Die” This song is about the Old Nordic belief that the ultimate goal of a man is to get into Valhalla when they die. The only way to do that was live a warrior’s life.
  2. Sagal says:
    Manowar - Fight Until We Die Songtext When they come, I'll be ready I hear their voices inside The stars in the heavens are moving Soon they will align Thor, god of thunder Let me die with a sword in my hand Raise your hands, swords in the wind Brothers of metal together again With blood in our voices we ride We'll fight til we win Or we'll fight until we die.
  3. Zuludal says:
    Let Me Die With A Sword In My Hand Raise Your Hands Swords In The Wind Brothers Of Metal Together Again With Blood In Our Voices We Ride We'll Fight Until We Win Or We'll Fight Until We Die Gods Of Thunder, Fire And Rain Cut Into The Earth Till' None Shall Remain Sons Of Demons I Command You To Fly Ride Up From Hell Into The Sky We'll Fight.

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